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Many car warranty companies look to wiggle out of paying for your repair through nasty small print and stipulations. Quentin Willson has banned all such 'Weasel Words' from the Warrantywise plan, as this is the fairest way. So you won’t find words like betterment, consequential failure or breakdown that limit the cover you get.

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Car Warranty Quote

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Pre Warranty Checks

HPI checks, V5 log book checks, MOT checks, mileage checks, service history checks: All “Weasel Words” intended to catch you out just when you need to log a Repair. We carry out similar checks, but right at the start and at a cost to us. This gives you a chance to put things right and make sure there are no misunderstandings further down the line. This enables us to quickly and efficiently do what we’re here for– repair your car!!


A noxious little ‘weasel word’. It can often mean you’re left with a share of the Repair Cost because the warranty company believes the Part you need will ‘improve your vehicle’s condition’ or ‘increase its value’, and so ask you to contribute towards the Repair! It’s how they get out of paying for expensive parts such as an engine or gearbox, leaving you with a significant proportion of the Repair Cost to pay yourself. We do not charge you for betterment. If you really need a complete engine, or gearbox – you get a complete engine or gearbox!!

Consequential Failure

This is where a covered Part suffers a failure as a result of another Part failing which is not on their list of covered parts. You think you’re OK, because a listed Part has failed, but YOU PAY because the fault was caused by a Part which was not listed. We do not exclude such repairs; it’s just another way firms use to ‘weasel’ out of paying.


This is probably the biggest ‘Weasel Word’ of all. You see with other warranties a covered Part has to cause the entire Vehicle to ‘breakdown’ and stop working, otherwise you can’t log a Repair on the warranty. Most cars don’t breakdown altogether immediately, but start by making all kinds of squeaks, rattles and groans from parts inside them. Warrantywise will cover you if a Part itself stops working and requires immediate repair or replacement before it will work again (not the entire car!). We’ll also cover you if that Part isn’t working properly (after 30 days or 1,000 miles and up to 9 years old or 90,000 miles) and is likely to break down before the expiry of your plan. We do this because it’s the fairest way.

Choice of Garage

Many warranties won’t pay more that their network Labour rate (often as low as £28/hour) or leave you to arrange your own repairs and run the risk of a botched job.. We allow you to choose the Labour rate, from your friendly neighbourhood mechanic (providing he is VAT registered) rate right up to the local main dealer pricing, so you have all the choice you need at a price you can afford. We also operate an Approved Repairer scheme which will carry out any repairs required under the warranty and can even Service and MOT your vehicle at an over-riding discount, where importantly, we pay the garage directly.

Mileage Limits

Most people drive 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year, so you would expect any warranty to cover you for this sort of mileage right? – Wrong! Some of the largest warranty companies impose mileage limits as low as 5,000 miles per year. That’s less than 14 miles per day! If you drive over the mileage limit (at any time) your warranty becomes void and YOU PAY – Warrantywise have no such annual mileage limits – Our cover keeps your covered right up to 120,000 miles.


I don’t mind having an excess on any policy, providing it means I pay a lower premium, but that’s not usually the case. Most warranty companies include an excess of at least £50, without giving you any choice and without lowering your price, which means YOU PAY this on every repair. We allow you to decide if you want to include any voluntary Contribution towards repairs, and, if you do, we’ll reduce our charges.

Wear & Tear

Let’s be clear here. No car warranty company (no matter what they say) can afford to pay out lots of Repairs for worn out parts. Think about it. They’d go bust by next Wednesday. Every opportunist would buy a knackered motor, spend a few hundred quid on a warranty, and then get their car rebuilt ‘as good as new’ at a cost of thousands to the warranty company. No warranty provider will pay you to rebuild your car if it’s worn out. That would be commercial suicide. The warranty firms who say they cover for ‘wear & tear’ are being less than honest as they always qualify their claim by saying ‘breakdown due to wear & tear’. This means your car has to breakdown and stop working altogether, and, if the part that caused the breakdown was worn, you may be covered but, depending upon the time of your repair, you will likely get nothing or be left with a hefty excess. Warrantywise cover your car for the sudden and unexpected mechanical or electrical failure of a Part to operate properly (due to wear and tear) which, in our opinion, is likely to lead to it breaking down and stopping working.

Quentin Willson

“The most frequent question I get asked about car warranties is, “Why don’t they pay out?” Well the reason is, the ‘Weasel Words’ and if, in the past, you’ve been caught out, you probably didn’t read or understand the small print before handing over your hard earned cash for your supposed cover. Let me explain…”

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