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Warranty Boiler & Heating Cover

As providers of the UK’s highest level of warranty cover, we spend a lot of time checking our competitors and ensuring that our warranty remains the very best level of cover you can get for your boiler, central heating and appliances.

When you buy an extended warranty, the big question is ‘will they pay out?’ Frankly, not many of them do, which is why we recruited Anthea Turner to design our new Boiler & Heating Cover. Anthea Turner is a home expert, but more importantly she is a real person with a real reputation to lose if we don’t do exactly what we say on the tin. If you are ever dissatisfied with us, Anthea Turner will personally get involved to resolve the issue. It’s just one of the little extra things that make Warrantywise the BEST.

Annual Boiler Service

Boiler and Controls

Central Heating

All covered from:

£9.45 per month


Boiler and Heating Cover

Anthea Turner

Anthea Turner

“As someone who takes immense pride in her home, I understand how important it is to take care of boiler and heating system which is so vital to the running of a busy household and that’s why I’ve teamed up with Warrantywise. I have designed this cover to provide you with the highest cover in the UK to offer you complete peace of mind against expensive repair bills with no hidden costs!”

Anthea Turner Anthea Turner

Boiler Makes and Models Covered

Our specialist warranty covers the best makes and models of boiler, to private individuals, as well as the country's largest franchised and independent dealer groups.

Worcester Boiler
Baxi Boiler
Biasi Boiler
Glow Worm Boiler
Ideal Boiler
Main Boiler
Potterton Boiler
Vaillant Boiler
Viessmann Boiler
Vokera Boiler
Annual Boiler Service Included

What's included in our Annual Boiler Service?

Warrantywise offer a comprehensive Annual Boiler Service to make sure everything is in working order and hasn't developed any faults. The Boiler Service includes:

  • A visual inspection of the boiler
  • Firing the boiler safely to help identify any faults
  • An efficiency test of the gas flue
  • Making sure the flue and ventilation meet Gas safety regulations
  • If required opening the boiler for inspection
  • A service is performed inline with your service history
  • Testing the system pressure and making adjustments if necessary
  • Checking and bleeding the radiators if required
  • Cleaning the condensate trap
  • Visually checking the hot water cylinder
  • Written and dated confirmation that the boiler has been serviced

Everything you need to know about

Boiler & Heating Cover

Why do I need boiler cover?

As your boilers gets older, the likelihood of faults occurring and your boiler breaking down are very high. If your boiler suddenly breaks, you and your family could be left without heating and hot water, not to mention an expensive boiler repair or replacement. That’s why it is important to make sure your boiler is covered should it break down. We provide the highest level of cover in the UK to offer you complete peace of mind against expensive repair bills with no hidden costs.

What is Covered

Every year, millions of boilers run out of their manufacturers warranty, leaving you with no boiler cover. Once the manufacturer warranty term has ended, if your boiler breaks down, you could face a bill that runs into thousands. Many boilers are now built with parts that cannot be easily fixed, which means you may need a complete new unit if it fails.

Locating a boiler repairer at short notice can be hassle some and, these days, you have to be very careful who you let into your home. Why not let Warrantywise take the stress away? We aim to get to you within 24 hours of your call and only used qualified and trusted repair people to ensure your down-time is kept to a minimum.

Anthea’s Advice: “A lot of warranty companies include a standard excess in their terms, which means that you pay out the first part of your repair! Warrantywise, don’t believe in excesses, unless you’re getting a cheaper price, so check the excess limit before you buy from anywhere else.”

No Weasel Words

Many warranty companies look to wiggle out of paying for your repair through nasty small print and stipulations. Anthea Turner has banned all such 'Weasel Words' from the Warrantywise plan, to ensure ours really is the UK’s BEST warranty for boiler cover. So you won’t find words like betterment or consequential failure in our terms, which only exist to limit the cover you get.

Boiler Cover Quote: It only takes 60 seconds!

Compare Our Boiler Cover

See how our Boiler and Heating Cover compares to our competitors. Warrantywise offer comprehensive cover for your boiler and central heating system

Compare Car Warranty Our Competitors
No compulsory excess Standard £50 excess minimum
Over 5,000 Warrantywise approved engineers who are all gas safe registered 4,500 repairers
30 day money back guarantee Only a 14 day money back guarantee
We will pay up to £2,500 in repairs up to 8 years of age Only £300 in the first 3 months & £2,000 per claim after that time up to only 7 years of age
We will pay up to £3,000 for a replacement up to 8 years of age Only £2,500 up to 7 years of age
We will pay up to £500 for a replacement over 8 years under 15 They will only pay up to £400 for a replacement if over 7 but under 10
We cover all gas boiler makes & models up to 15 years of age They will only cover selected boilers up to 10 years old
When boiler service has reached 12 months after the last service we will include this within the plan Will not cover your first boiler service until you have been with them for 12 months

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