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10 Ways to Deal With Car Sickness
PUBLISHED: 08/08/2014

Do you feel sick on long car journeys? Car sickness affects 33% of people, causing them to feel uncomfortable and physically ill on long car journeys. While there’s no cure for motion sickness, there are ways to treat it. From chewing on certain foods to changing your seating position, read on to discover 10 ways you can deal with car sickness...

7 Ways to Practice Defensive Driving
PUBLISHED: 30/07/2014

No matter how long you’ve been behind the wheel, your driving skills have no effect on the way other motorists behave. From first-time drivers to people chatting on the phone while behind the wheel, the biggest hazards to your safety on the road can be found behind the wheel of other vehicles. Check your mirrors frequently to stay aware of p...

Fixable Car Problems That Don’t Require a Trip to the Garage
PUBLISHED: 27/06/2014

You may have extended car warranty for things you cannot fix yourself, however you can still avoid an expensive trip to the garage by learning how you can fix four common car problems at home with our expert guide to fixable automotive issues. Save time and money by maintaining your car at home. Image © Depositphotos.com/Vladimir Mucibabic ...

What is The Ideal Car for a New Driver?
PUBLISHED: 04/06/2014

New drivers are on the road every day. Did you know… An 18 year-old driver is three times more likely to be involved in a collision than a 50 year-old. 20% of new drivers have a collision within six months of being on the road. New drivers have more crashes in the evenings and early mornings. The three highest costs for any new driver consi...

Does My Vehicle Need an MOT Yet?
PUBLISHED: 16/05/2014

At the end of 2012, there were over 34 million cars licenced for use on the roads of Great Britain. Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibility, such as tax and insurance. Of course, many say it’s not the initial cost that cripples you, it’s the upkeep. Keeping a car roadworthy means that you’ll come across the following three letters....

Warranty Repairs at any VAT Registered Garage
PUBLISHED: 25/04/2014

If you’ve been put off taking out an extended car warranty because you believe you’ll be restricted as to which garages you can get your car repaired at if something goes wrong, you can relax – Warrantywise deal with any VAT registered garage or repair facility. When your car suffers a failure and needs a repair, you can get the required w...

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