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The Best Cars for Tall Drivers
PUBLISHED: 20/12/2016

Trying to find a brand new car that fits all of your needs can be hard, and it can prove even more difficult when the driver is 6 foot tall! Packing yourself into a Mini Cooper isn’t the brightest of ideas for many reasons – you will feel squashed, uncomfortable and won’t be able to drive to the best of your ability. To help tall driv...

Can You Guess The Car?
PUBLISHED: 03/10/2016

Here at Warrantywise, we love our cars and we know you do too! Test your knowledge with our quiz and see if you can guess the car! How well did you score? Comment below and let us know! Thanks for reading.Make sure to stay tuned to the Warrantywise blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more great content throughout 2016!   ...

Thinking of Buying an EV?
PUBLISHED: 13/09/2016

Electric vehicles - or EVs for short - have become increasingly popular over the last few years and, for many drivers, there is a strong urge to finally make the jump across. Yet, unless you’re prepared ahead of time, you might find jumping to an EV to be a big shock After all, while somethings change, many things remain the same. EVs might rep...

Survey Reveals Gender Perspectives on Car Buying and Driving
PUBLISHED: 23/08/2016

A survey of over 500 MyCarCheck.com customers (355 men and 190 women) in July 2016 has revealed some intriguing differences in male and female perspectives on motoring Q1. When buying a car, what is most important to you? Female: Sale price, followed by fuel efficiency Male: Sale price, followed by look and style Q2. When buying a vehic...

10 of The World’s Most Dangerous Roads
PUBLISHED: 13/08/2016

As car enthusiasts, driving on roads that prove to be a challenge are always a task worth attempting. Imagine driving along a scenic route, enjoying the views, when around the bend the road narrows and the strong winds plummet your car off the edge. We have accumulated our own lists of 10 of the world’s most dangerous roads, and they may very wel...

Thinking of Buying a Used Car? The Average Repair Bill Comes to £603
PUBLISHED: 26/07/2016

Warrantywise data reveals that the average cost of repair for the most popular brands comes to £603 Some brands are cheaper to repair than others with Peugeot, Ford and Suzuki leading the way, boasting average costs of £406, £421 and £424 respectively On the other hand, Porsche, BMW and Subaru all have average repair costs of more than £70...

5 of the Safest Cars on the Market
PUBLISHED: 15/01/2016

We all love the sleek designs, thrilling acceleration and technological features of a car, however, safety when driving is an important factor to consider when buying a new car. After all, visual appeal simply isn’t enough to prevent a crash. Not to worry though, because by using Euro NCAP crash test data, we’ve put together a list of the fi...

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Škoda
PUBLISHED: 06/11/2015

Škoda, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, has a reputation for being excellent value for money. It is the 3rd oldest car manufacturer in the world and sells over 1 million cars per year all over the globe. Over the past century, the Czech brand has increased dramatically in value, resulting in a long list of award-winning cars that ar...

6 Ways to Get a Good Deal When Buying a Used Car
PUBLISHED: 22/09/2015

Are you in the market for a used car? With many new cars depreciating at more than 15% of their value every year, buying a used car is a cost-effective option that stops you from dealing with the high purchase price and depreciation of a new car. There are several ways to buy a used car. You can visit a used car dealer and browse their selectio...

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