Weasel Words

The most frequent question we get asked about warranties is, “Why don’t they pay out?” Well the reason is, the ‘Weasel Words’ and if, in the past, you’ve been caught out, you probably didn’t read or understand the small print before handing over your hard earned cash for your supposed cover. Let us explain…

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A noxious little ‘weasel word’. It can often mean you’re left with a share of the Repair Cost because the warranty company believes the Part you need will ‘improve the condition’ or ‘increase the value’, and so ask you to contribute towards the Repair! It’s how they get out of paying for expensive parts, leaving you with a significant proportion of the Repair Cost to pay yourself. We do not charge you for betterment.

Consequential Failure

This is where a covered Part suffers a failure as a result of another Part failing which is not on their list of covered parts. You think you’re OK, because a listed Part has failed, but YOU PAY because the fault was caused by a Part which was not listed. We do not exclude such repairs; it’s just another way firms use to ‘weasel’ out of paying.


I don’t mind having an excess on any policy, providing it means I pay a lower premium, but that’s not usually the case. Most warranty companies include an excess of at least £50, without giving you any choice and without lowering your price, which means YOU PAY. We allow you to decide if you want to include any voluntary Contribution towards repairs, and, if you do, we’ll reduce our charges.

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